Class: Baden Builder: Howaldtswerke, Kiel
Length: 180.0m Launched: 18 Feb. 1915
Beam: 30m Commissioned:
Draft: 9.39m Speed: 22 kts
Displacement: 32 200 t Power:

Present Condition

Multibeam image of the Bayern as she is today.

Magnifying glass. A multibeam image of the turrets of the SMS Bayern, the hull was raised by Metal Industries in 1934.

The site of SMS Bayern consists of a pair of depressions, where the ship lay, and some debris. The most extensive elements of wreckage are the four turrets, which were broken free of the ship during the salvage operation in 1934.

Although the barrels of the guns and a large proportion of the turrets are buried these are a popular dive, as they allow the diver a true impression of the shear size of the guns.

3D interactive models

The interactive models below are based on acoustic surveys carried out by the ScapaMAP project. The Z (vertical) axis is emphasised in these models.

To use these models you will need to download iView3D (a free 3D viewer, you need to register to get this download) and the .sd file of interest from the links above.

Survey geotiffs

Arrow to computer. Bayern 2001 survey (zip format 279kB).

Arrow to computer. Bayern 2006 survey (zip format 356kB).

The 2001 and 2006 surveys are available above as .zip's containing the geotiff and .tfw world information files. The geotiff is in EPSG Projection 32630 - WGS 84 / UTM zone 30N.