France has been the recipient of the title of ‘one of the most visited places on earth’; I am here to tell you why. It is surely not making my job hard as there is so much to do and see in France. The elegance, extravagance, gracefulness and the beauty of France has captivated me just by reading and writing about it. French tourism has recorded a skyrocket in numbers in the recent years as Paris has gotten the name ‘City Of Love,’ so, therefore, it has become a tourist and honeymoon destination. Foreign visitors have fueled a surge in the significant increase of tourism which has been reported by accommodation providers like hotels. Here are some reasons why it has earned the above title.

The capital of France, Paris is also known as ‘City Of Light’ and goes without saying that it is the highest drawer of tourists in the country, estimating a number of over 30 million individuals who are lucky enough to embrace the chilling and goosebumps worthy sights of Paris. This would be more than any other city on the planet. There is also the city’s romantic image, the absolutely stunning architecture, the museums, and the water feature, all of these are the biggest reasons why it is so popular. We can’t talk about France and forget Disneyland which is a destination in itself for tourists. It gets around 15 million visitors in a year alone, the theme park is highly sought after and is very famous among the children. France is also exquisitely known for its art, history and its culture as well.

The country offers countless varieties of sunrise, sunset destinations along with ocean views and mountains. Many French citizens travel in their own country instead of going abroad since there is so much to see there. It has everything, from sandy beaches to snow-covered mountains in the vast expanse of the countryside where the views are panoramic and breathtaking indeed. It would suffice it to say that the country offers something for everyone. The weather plays a huge factor when it comes to tourism; the country experiences fantastic weather in the summer; it is not baking hot but just the right amount. You can visit a beach and bask in the sun and get tan. It is an amazingly happy fact that 80% of France is in the countryside. You can escape there when you are done touring the city and have a blissful, calm and secluded couple of days. The stunning tranquility will make you want to stay longer. “The Loire Valley, Provence has proven to be one of the most beautiful areas in France,” says a recent visitor.

France is obviously famed for its gastronomic and inseparable traditions. You will have a chance to do some fine dining with some crisp wine, enjoying the best of French delicacies and specialties. France did not just get the name ‘food capital of the world’ for nothing. You will taste some of the best foods in the world there.