Paris, one of the most romantic places on the planet is known as the ‘City Of Love’ for this very reason. It is a honeymoon destination for a huge number of couples all around the world. There’s no escaping the romance in Paris. It is an immensely graceful city that is beautiful and filled with artistic and architectural history. It has indeed always inspired love in the hearts and minds of hopeless romantics who indeed visit this famed city to share that love with their significant others. Couples can laze in its manicured, gorgeous gardens with the breeze of fresh air, get intimate in candlelit bars, sipping some fine wine with cheese and taking a stroll with the warm embrace of their partner along the Seine at sunset.

The opportunities for romance are indeed endless in this magnificent city of love and here are some of the top picks of romantic things to do there:

–    The Eiffel tower experiences countless proposals on the daily, and it is no surprise indeed. The view the tower is unexplainably a spectacle to behold. Scale the 3 floors at 324M high which is a Parisian icon for centuries now. Enjoy the panoramic view of the glorious city of Paris which instills romantic vibes within you. Sip some irresistible pink champagne at the top-floor champagne bar and rev up the romance when the tower sparkles every hour with 20,000 golden lights.

–    The Montmartre with its signature Basilique de Sacre’-Coeur which translates to Sacred Heart Basilica) is a pilgrimage sort of place for romantics as well as people who are religious. The staircases are steep with the hillside to the basilica’s white domes which are as white as pearls. You can delve into the heart of its neighborhood, which is incredibly artistic and fabled. Say ‘Je t’aime’ to your loved one at the “I love you” wall, which is painted on the enameled lava tiles and is the work and creation of the famous artists Fre’d’eric Baron and Claire Kito.

–    You definitely have to discover hidden passages and indulge in romantic nostalgia of the 19th century Paris in the shopping arcades. Antique bookshops are a common sight in this place, old fashioned toys as well. Stroll south heading towards to Passage Des Panoramas which was the first arcade to have lit lamps with gas in 1817 with vintage boutiques bursting with collectibles like stamps, coins medals, postcards, etc.

–    There are indeed some finer spots for hopeless romantics to stroll or cycle on a shaded path alongside the tranquil Canal St-Martin. For lunch, you can feast on some traditional French cuisine in the vintage romantic Le Chansonnier and play cool with a smooth bottle of wine from the Le Verre Vole’ with a pizza from the Pink Flamingo.