Geography classes used to be nothing less than a bore to me, with all the topographic sheet activities and memorizing the course of various ocean currents. Nothing could really pique my interest in the subject; or let me rephrase the sentence, nothing but France. I remember zoning out daydreaming about how it would be like to step foot in the land of love, beauty, and culture. I had it all chalked out like a well-planned chessboard in my mind- the alleys, the food, the intoxicating French perfumes, and the language. You cannot refute when I say that there is just something alluring about the country. It is a dream destination for vacation, weddings, and let us not forget, a romantic getaway, for many of the hopeless romantics out there. It has at least been this way for me. Thus, without much ado, I would quickly like to take you all on a detour from your day’s monotony, to a city that has too much history about it. It goes by the name of Orleans and makes for a perfect reading material on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Also, chances are that you might even see yourself visiting Orleans on your next trip. This alone should be enough to get you excited!

Orleans- The City
The city is located on the Loire River, about 111 kilometres southwest of Paris. It usually has a mild oceanic climate, perfect for all your holidays, taking after the climate of central France. Orleans, in ancient times, that is, a timeline that can be traced back to Julius Caesar was regarded as the intellectual hub. In a nutshell, it was a melting pot of culture and craft. However, following the rite of passage, just like every city and every civilization goes through a rough patch, Orleans too suffered severe blows before rising from its ashes like a phoenix. The rest, as they say, is history. The city is nothing less than a visual treat to all those who love history and art in all its glory.

The Best of Orleans:
Orleans, like I have already established earlier in this article, is a city impregnated with history and splendour. Given below is a list carefully curated places in Orleans, that have been known to lure tourists year after year.



• Parc Floral de la Source-Branded as one of the most ‘Remarkable Gardens in France’, Parc Floral de la Source makes for a beautiful picnic spot and accounts for a brilliant tete-a-tete with Nature. The flora is exquisite and would certainly fill your hearts with joy and exuberance.

• Place Du Martroi- One of the best tourist attractions of Orleans, Place Du Martroi flaunts of the statue of Joan of Arc, which is something that cannot go amiss. The place replete in rich history and culture brags of various cafes and restaurants and promises its tourists a taste of France in all its grandeur. Take a light evening stroll or shop for some French exquisites, it is your call.

• Chateaux of the Loire Valley- If you are in a mood for some more history (you just cannot take history out of France), just head over to the Loire Valley. They brag of medieval looking castles and monuments and makes for nothing less than eye candies. There is royalty and nobility inscribed on every stone and you cannot but admire its richness and magnanimity.

A few words cannot do justice to the beauty of France, and more so Orleans. I would not even try to do that. However, treat this article as a passage to a whole new world out there, and maybe plan your next getaway keeping the pointers at the back of your mind.