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Paris: The City Of Love

Paris, one of the most romantic places on the planet is known as the ‘City Of Love’ for this very reason. It is a honeymoon destination for a huge number of couples all around the world. There’s no escaping the romance in Paris. It is an immensely graceful city that is beautiful and filled with [...]

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Reasons why France is one of the most visited places on the planet

France has been the recipient of the title of ‘one of the most visited places on earth’; I am here to tell you why. It is surely not making my job hard as there is so much to do and see in France. The elegance, extravagance, gracefulness and the beauty of France has captivated me [...]

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Orleans, mon amour

Geography classes used to be nothing less than a bore to me, with all the topographic sheet activities and memorizing the course of various ocean currents. Nothing could really pique my interest in the subject; or let me rephrase the sentence, nothing but France. I remember zoning out daydreaming about how it would be like [...]

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