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Destination Ideas

There are a lot of amazing destinations in France that will make anyone fall in love with them. It is an experience that cannot be described in words.

The amazing place in the northern France is situated in the banks of the scintillating Seine River.
It is one of the most preferred spot is France. The fishing port of France is a place where you can find a lot of vessels.
The beautiful city is located in the south west central of France. The place is known for its porcelain decorations.

What’s New

The most famous cathedral in France: The Notre-Dame Fire

France is very well known for its spectacular destinations which capture one’s attention and gives them a feeling of awe. One of these incredibly well-known destinations is the Notre-Dame de Paris, which is a medieval Catholic cathedral in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, France. It is one of the most beautiful and most elegant examples of French Gothic architecture. It has enormous and magnificently colorful rose windows with an abundance of its sculptural decoration. The construction of the cathedral began in 1160 under the bishop Maurice de Sully and was completed by 1260. So officially it took 100 years to build. Construction did not stop until the year 1345 which makes it a structure that took almost 200 years to complete. It has a total of 10 bells.


Notre-Dame suddenly and horrifically caught fire on the 15th day in April in the year 2019 which devastated the cathedral in Paris. Large parts of it were damaged, and the spire actually lost structural integrity and plummeted to its destruction. The two towers avoided physical damage. Some French authorities have come out and said that the structure was only 15-30 minutes from complete structural failure, which would have so severe that it would have been likely that the entire building would have imminently collapsed. Firefighters were able to save the towers, the façade, buttresses, pipe organ, and the beautiful stained glass windows. Some sections of the stone ceiling collapsed. One firefighter was seriously injured, and two police officers were hurt. The fire was officially blazing for almost an entire day and took the world by surprise.  Firefighters worked round the clock and put in their best efforts to make sure more parts of the cathedral didn’t get damaged. The cathedral is officially 850 years old. The French president Emmanuel Macron has stated publically “we will rebuild Notre Dame even more beautifully, and I will make sure it is done in the next five years.”  Many people are speculating that an electrical malfunction may have caused the fires. An initial assessment was made recently, and the safety hazards have been prevented.

A restoration expert has stated in a recent interview that it may take up to 10 years to completely restore Notre-Dame and open it to the public again. It would require immense loads of work as it should be treated with a lot of care since the structure in ancient. As the cathedral burned, artists have drawn pictures of Quasimodo, the fictional bell ringer of Notre-Dame, from the movie ‘Hunchback of Notre-Dame’ which is a Disney classic. An artist has represented a picture of Quasimodo embracing the cathedral with a heartbroken expression since it was his home in the movie.

Donations to save and restore the cathedral have skyrocketed and reached more than $700 million. The wealthiest in the world are to be thanked for this kind of rise in funds.

Promenade de la Croisette

Cannes, a small 7.5 sq mile city in France, is the perfect place for anyone who’s looking for a well-deserved respite. Since its emergence, it has perpetually been a hub for entertainment which features the best beaches and hosts the biggest music festivals around the world. And one of the most remarkable places here happens to be a stretch of road called Promenade de la Croisette.

Monikered as the true heart of Cannes, best experienced from the comfort of an exotic luxury car rental like a Lamborghini Aventador, it stretches over 3 km and is home to palm & pine trees. It is hard to find any other place other than this if you are in for some sun-basking and sunbathing. The occasional zephyr from the beach and the constant lapping of the waves is a dream to anyone.


A little history about this cosy little place would tell you that Croisette Promenade came into existence in the other half of the 19th century. The city actually has some orthodox past attached to it. The name of this street was derived from an ancient cross that once stood witness at the promontory betwixt Cannes and the bay of Golfe-Juan, which drew attention to pilgrims and theists. This particular stretch is reminiscent of Ocean Beach from GTA Vice City. The street runs sandwiched between a coastal road and a sandy beach. This area houses many prominent hotels & boutiques. The literal meaning of the street — promenade — can be pretty easily construed, because couples love to promenade along the beach’s length. A common sight here is couples strolling along with children or them taking the dog out for a lazy ramble.

La Croisette also features many play areas for children at its [literal] ends. The place is a haven for free events & activities, such as music festivals & lively concerts & pretty much everything that fits in between. Delicatessens & beach clubs frequently dot the beach, & are tending to proliferate the area. The street is mostly attributed to its success of hosting massive music festivals like famous Palais des Festivals which is associated with the world-famous Cannes Film Festival. This boasts of flamboyance to the levels of red carpets sprawling the area. This street must indubitably not to be overlooked when you sojourn between cities.



The city never became the most luxurious places France could ever harbour for nothing. It never fails to pull a crowd with its array of luxury stores such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, & also features five-star hotels like the iconic Carlton Hotel, Le Grand Hotel, Le Canberra Hotel & Splendid Hotel – a great combination with a luxury car hired from a reputable company in Cannes. And after you’re done indulging in all the pleasantries the street has to offer, you can relax under the shade of the palm and call it a day.

The best ways to save money while traveling to France in 2019

Traveling to any place around the world means spending a lot of money on various things such as accommodation, food, travel and many other things. Although these things are necessary, it’s not compulsory that you only get these amenities after spending a ton of money. What if we told you can save a lot of money while getting almost the same experience.

We all know France is a beautiful place but also expensive at the same time. While some people like to live a lavish life while traveling to these places, not all can afford this due to various financial reasons. Thus to help you enthusiastic travelers save some money while at the same time get a wonderful experience out of the trip, here are the best ways to save money while traveling to France in 2019.


1) Take advantages of free museums

We all know that France has a rich heritage and their culture is among the best in the world. If you are traveling to France make sure to visit it between the months of October to March as the first Sunday of these months the entry for the museums are free and during any other month the charges may go up to anywhere near 26 EU. The only downside of this is that the crowd which arrives due to the free entry is a lot.


2) Use the regional train to travel

France is extremely popular for its cleanliness and the excellent railway lines which connect to all the major cities. Taking advantage of this and traveling using trains rather than hiring private cabs can undoubtedly save you a lot of money while at the same time provide you a new and unforgettable experience.


3) Use hostels as resting grounds

If you are on a budget and love to travel all the time, then choosing hostels to live can be extremely good for you. At hostels, you can find various new people and even the private hostel rooms don’t generally cost much per night as the generally accepted price for a private hostel room per night is around €50. And while you are staying at a hostel why not use the bars at these places as they generally are cheaper and also have various “Happy hour” offers during all times of the year.


4) Check out the free sights

France is a city with a lot of beautiful places to visit. While some might cost you, not all have “Pay and visit policy.” There are many places in France where a person can visit for free without worrying about their wallet. Some of the notable places to visit for free are Musée d’Art Moderne, Maison de Balzac, Maison de Victor Hugo and even most churches and parks like the Jardin du Luxembourg, The Musée Carnavalet, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and the Fragonard Perfume Museum.


5) Do not eat at the main attractions

The best way to lose money while visiting any place is to spend it eating at the attraction or places to visit locations. As the locals know that tourists are ready to spend a ton of money to get a good experience out of their visit, thus they might charge a little higher. Instead of this walk a little away from these big attractions and check out the local delis and carts as they can offer you better authentic food for a lesser price thus saving you money and at the same time offering you better-tasting food.

Paris: The City Of Love

Paris, one of the most romantic places on the planet is known as the ‘City Of Love’ for this very reason. It is a honeymoon destination for a huge number of couples all around the world. There’s no escaping the romance in Paris. It is an immensely graceful city that is beautiful and filled with artistic and architectural history. It has indeed always inspired love in the hearts and minds of hopeless romantics who indeed visit this famed city to share that love with their significant others. Couples can laze in its manicured, gorgeous gardens with the breeze of fresh air, get intimate in candlelit bars, sipping some fine wine with cheese and taking a stroll with the warm embrace of their partner along the Seine at sunset.

The opportunities for romance are indeed endless in this magnificent city of love and here are some of the top picks of romantic things to do there:

–    The Eiffel tower experiences countless proposals on the daily, and it is no surprise indeed. The view the tower is unexplainably a spectacle to behold. Scale the 3 floors at 324M high which is a Parisian icon for centuries now. Enjoy the panoramic view of the glorious city of Paris which instills romantic vibes within you. Sip some irresistible pink champagne at the top-floor champagne bar and rev up the romance when the tower sparkles every hour with 20,000 golden lights.

–    The Montmartre with its signature Basilique de Sacre’-Coeur which translates to Sacred Heart Basilica) is a pilgrimage sort of place for romantics as well as people who are religious. The staircases are steep with the hillside to the basilica’s white domes which are as white as pearls. You can delve into the heart of its neighborhood, which is incredibly artistic and fabled. Say ‘Je t’aime’ to your loved one at the “I love you” wall, which is painted on the enameled lava tiles and is the work and creation of the famous artists Fre’d’eric Baron and Claire Kito.

–    You definitely have to discover hidden passages and indulge in romantic nostalgia of the 19th century Paris in the shopping arcades. Antique bookshops are a common sight in this place, old fashioned toys as well. Stroll south heading towards to Passage Des Panoramas which was the first arcade to have lit lamps with gas in 1817 with vintage boutiques bursting with collectibles like stamps, coins medals, postcards, etc.

–    There are indeed some finer spots for hopeless romantics to stroll or cycle on a shaded path alongside the tranquil Canal St-Martin. For lunch, you can feast on some traditional French cuisine in the vintage romantic Le Chansonnier and play cool with a smooth bottle of wine from the Le Verre Vole’ with a pizza from the Pink Flamingo.

Reasons why France is one of the most visited places on the planet

France has been the recipient of the title of ‘one of the most visited places on earth’; I am here to tell you why. It is surely not making my job hard as there is so much to do and see in France. The elegance, extravagance, gracefulness and the beauty of France has captivated me just by reading and writing about it. French tourism has recorded a skyrocket in numbers in the recent years as Paris has gotten the name ‘City Of Love,’ so, therefore, it has become a tourist and honeymoon destination. Foreign visitors have fueled a surge in the significant increase of tourism which has been reported by accommodation providers like hotels. Here are some reasons why it has earned the above title.

The capital of France, Paris is also known as ‘City Of Light’ and goes without saying that it is the highest drawer of tourists in the country, estimating a number of over 30 million individuals who are lucky enough to embrace the chilling and goosebumps worthy sights of Paris. This would be more than any other city on the planet. There is also the city’s romantic image, the absolutely stunning architecture, the museums, and the water feature, all of these are the biggest reasons why it is so popular. We can’t talk about France and forget Disneyland which is a destination in itself for tourists. It gets around 15 million visitors in a year alone, the theme park is highly sought after and is very famous among the children. France is also exquisitely known for its art, history and its culture as well.

The country offers countless varieties of sunrise, sunset destinations along with ocean views and mountains. Many French citizens travel in their own country instead of going abroad since there is so much to see there. It has everything, from sandy beaches to snow-covered mountains in the vast expanse of the countryside where the views are panoramic and breathtaking indeed. It would suffice it to say that the country offers something for everyone. The weather plays a huge factor when it comes to tourism; the country experiences fantastic weather in the summer; it is not baking hot but just the right amount. You can visit a beach and bask in the sun and get tan. It is an amazingly happy fact that 80% of France is in the countryside. You can escape there when you are done touring the city and have a blissful, calm and secluded couple of days. The stunning tranquility will make you want to stay longer. “The Loire Valley, Provence has proven to be one of the most beautiful areas in France,” says a recent visitor.

France is obviously famed for its gastronomic and inseparable traditions. You will have a chance to do some fine dining with some crisp wine, enjoying the best of French delicacies and specialties. France did not just get the name ‘food capital of the world’ for nothing. You will taste some of the best foods in the world there.


Orleans, mon amour

Geography classes used to be nothing less than a bore to me, with all the topographic sheet activities and memorizing the course of various ocean currents. Nothing could really pique my interest in the subject; or let me rephrase the sentence, nothing but France. I remember zoning out daydreaming about how it would be like to step foot in the land of love, beauty, and culture. I had it all chalked out like a well-planned chessboard in my mind- the alleys, the food, the intoxicating French perfumes, and the language. You cannot refute when I say that there is just something alluring about the country. It is a dream destination for vacation, weddings, and let us not forget, a romantic getaway, for many of the hopeless romantics out there. It has at least been this way for me. Thus, without much ado, I would quickly like to take you all on a detour from your day’s monotony, to a city that has too much history about it. It goes by the name of Orleans and makes for a perfect reading material on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Also, chances are that you might even see yourself visiting Orleans on your next trip. This alone should be enough to get you excited!

Orleans- The City
The city is located on the Loire River, about 111 kilometres southwest of Paris. It usually has a mild oceanic climate, perfect for all your holidays, taking after the climate of central France. Orleans, in ancient times, that is, a timeline that can be traced back to Julius Caesar was regarded as the intellectual hub. In a nutshell, it was a melting pot of culture and craft. However, following the rite of passage, just like every city and every civilization goes through a rough patch, Orleans too suffered severe blows before rising from its ashes like a phoenix. The rest, as they say, is history. The city is nothing less than a visual treat to all those who love history and art in all its glory.

The Best of Orleans:
Orleans, like I have already established earlier in this article, is a city impregnated with history and splendour. Given below is a list carefully curated places in Orleans, that have been known to lure tourists year after year.



• Parc Floral de la Source-Branded as one of the most ‘Remarkable Gardens in France’, Parc Floral de la Source makes for a beautiful picnic spot and accounts for a brilliant tete-a-tete with Nature. The flora is exquisite and would certainly fill your hearts with joy and exuberance.

• Place Du Martroi- One of the best tourist attractions of Orleans, Place Du Martroi flaunts of the statue of Joan of Arc, which is something that cannot go amiss. The place replete in rich history and culture brags of various cafes and restaurants and promises its tourists a taste of France in all its grandeur. Take a light evening stroll or shop for some French exquisites, it is your call.

• Chateaux of the Loire Valley- If you are in a mood for some more history (you just cannot take history out of France), just head over to the Loire Valley. They brag of medieval looking castles and monuments and makes for nothing less than eye candies. There is royalty and nobility inscribed on every stone and you cannot but admire its richness and magnanimity.

A few words cannot do justice to the beauty of France, and more so Orleans. I would not even try to do that. However, treat this article as a passage to a whole new world out there, and maybe plan your next getaway keeping the pointers at the back of your mind.


“My trip to France was really great. I loved and enjoyed each and every moment of it.”
Crystal B. Valle

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